New Flash Game: Flox

Hello everyone!!!

I know it’s a bit bizzare to finally add a post after such a long time – the last post was on 8 March 2008, that’s like what… 1.5 year ago! – this is one of those things that I do that gave me some real permanent joy.

After over one month of tinkering with Flash on flocking algorithm and ethereal effect, I decided to transform the experiment to a proper game complete with highscores submission (special thanks to MochiMedia for the well-developed, well-maintained, easy-to-use advertisement and leaderboard API). Finally, a game that I started and was able to complete without getting distracted with other things.

Check it out here!

Flox is a simple game where you try to capture and merge circles of the same colors using your mouse as a lasso and then you send the circles to the ever-shrinking pool in the center. If the pool shrinks to nothing it’s game over. I hope you enjoy playing this game. See how much you can score! Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback.

Some screenshots:

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